Your knitting skilled self could   Die Cancer Die Shirt .Of these puppies up in minutes! I get so mad at the concept of these blankets because the reality is the cost to make this would be no less than five hundred dollars. Who is going to pay  five hundred dollars on something they cant even wash? Yup and while one cat is chasing the yarn tail the other cat is sleeping on the finished blanket. Third kitty is of course trying to chew on your fingers. You can get almost the same, but much better as it can be washed. By a mistake  I got a long line from a shirt I wanted to rip apart. I kept ripping, and it continued. The t-shirt must not be sown in the sides. Wouldn’t that be about three hundred dollars to make though? Just saying, as a knitter, that cone of giant merino can’t be cheap. Please find a yarn that has actually been spun.