We are not going to kill each other over a man who has absolutely no use or concerns for the people of this country or the Sunflower Pink Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt . Listen to crazy cult UNINFORMED Jonestown dump base douche, how about you actually inform yourself on facts and reality and not WORSHIP a treasonous traitor nationalist loser con man and spineless Republican Party !! It’s dumbasses like you that is part of the problem, not the solution with shielding the poor excuse for a human being! Halle, you look amazing can’t wait to see this movie. So can’t wait to see this one my birthday was may 12th that also happened to be Mother’s Day my kids God bless them got me a to go see this great movie I love Keanu Reeves as an actor and from everything I read & hear from him, seems like a wonderful person as well. Would love to meet him! And the John Wick movies never disappoint, I seen & own ALL of them & will add #3 to my collection as well. So thank you for making this great film and working so hard to entertain us!! I hope so, I saw a guy so involved with his phone a then street with a no walk posted!!! Another guy grabbed him right before he stepped into the street. He got all huffy until other people yelled back that he would be dead if not for the guy grabbing him. I always put my phone down before I cross the street. I don’t trust every driver so I am going to be as vigilant as possible.