One of the perks of ordering your custom shirts from Underground Printing is that we offer a huge variety of t-shirts from the best brands. With plenty of the best apparel brands today, the amount of options can be overwhelming for someone if they are placing their first order. UGP is happy to help you narrow things down, though. We have narrowed things down to ten of the best brands that offer the highest quality of garment for your next custom printing job. Any of the clothing these brands offer will look great with your custom design on them, whether it’s a t-shirt or another style of shirt, hoodie, or both!

1. Gildan

Whether it’s our most popular t-shirt, the Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, or one of the other one of their plenty of others available on UGP — like the super-comfy ultra cotton option — Gildan is a great printing option for any of your custom design works. There are a ton of options not just for apparel to print on, but also for which color shirt you would like, women’s fit options, as well as youth options. Your custom design will look fantastic on any garment you choose with Gildan. Any Gildan option is a great blend of low prices, great comfort, and, of course, stylish apparel.


2. Hanes

Hanes has some great options if you are in the market for a no-minimum shirt option for any event, or as a gift. One of the key perks of these options is the lack of any itchy tags on them. Even if many options have easy-to-tear varieties, sometimes you just want to have it come tagless! With a variety of options and colors, you have plenty of shirts to choose from if you want to add your own custom design to a Hanes product.


3. Nike

One of the leading brands of athletic apparel, UGP are pleased to offer Nike options for your custom printing needs! We love just how many apparel options Nike has to offer for you. Whether it’s any sort of shirt, a pullover half-zip, or even a hat, feel free to add your custom design to any of these offerings from Nike. You are sure to be thrilled with the quality they provide in their shirts as well as any other apparel, and in UGP’s quality in screen printing, of course!


4. Next Level

When talking about variety, perhaps no brand has a greater variety of styles of t-shirts than Next Level. For all ages and preferences of shirt, there is surely going to be a shirt option for you to add a custom design on to and have your audience thrilled with your choice. With no minimums, you can get as many as you like, just one, or a couple of a myriad of options. Let UGP’s custom printing handle everything for you.


5. Under Armour

Almost synonymous with underwear for athletic competitions, Under Armour offers plenty of high-quality options for you to add a custom design to ahead of an event or for your team! Not only known for great t-shirts and their apparel to keep you warm or cool outdoors, they also offer some great polos, quarter-zips, and hoodies. Custom printing is always easy with UGP, but you can rest assured after ordering Under Armour attire knowing it will turn out great!


6. Champion

Champion is a well-loved company that has great apparel that looks wonderful with any custom design on it. Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt or perhaps a new great pair of shorts, the custom printing offered by UGP will look great on a Champion garment. Whether you want just one piece of clothing, or a whole order full, no minimums leaves the amount up to you. If you want something that’s in style now and will be for a long while, Champion is the way to go.


7. Port and Company

Port and Company offers great apparel entirely with no minimums, which gives you plenty of freedom with your order. One of the best things about these brands, and UGP’s offerings, is the ability to have plenty of options in what you would like to order. Whether that’s a t-shirt, a pullover tye-dye youth hoodie, or a fantastic performance athletic tee, our custom printing will make sure you are satisfied with your apparel as well as your custom design.


8. Jerzees

Each of these brands specialize in something, but perhaps no one specializes in comfort like Jerzees does. Whether you need something to lounge around the house in, or perhaps run errands in, or even be active yet still comfortable in, Jerzees is the brand for you. Offering high-quality shirts and sweats (both tops and bottoms), there is something for you to add a custom design and make your own!


9. Canvas

Blending comfort and performance, Canvas offers the best of both worlds for all custom printing. Whether it’s a t-shirt or a hoodie, there are plenty of opportunities to add your own custom design to a super comfortable piece of clothing. All of Canvas’s options offer the peak blend of comfort and activewear. No minimums on all of their apparel lets you have plenty of room to design something great for your next big event.


10. The North Face

Last but not least, we have one of the finest outerwear companies today. The North Face have some great options of jackets that are sure to keep you warm in the cold winter months and will look stylish of a custom printed shirt ordered from UGP! You can add your own custom design to one of these superb jackets for your own personal touch. Whether it’s fleece, soft shell, or thermoball, whichever material you choose is a great choice. UGP’s custom printing only makes it better.

As you can see, there are plenty of brands for you to select from with UGP! No matter which you choose, you’re sure to get a great garment thanks to our outstanding custom printing and speedy service. All you need to do is provide the creative custom design, select your preferred attire, and we can take it from there!

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