Our laws are more likely derived from the Code of Hammurabi Baseball Logo Design Pierce The Veil shirt . The 10 commandments have little in common with our constitution, as well as our laws.Elric, the laws we Christians were taught by our moms when we grew up, the laws written in our hearts, you know, fair play, sharing, and being nice to others, are based on the Judo-Christian tradition passed down through the ages. This is why you get blank stares when you talk about the code of hammurabi. It’s depressing the number of believers here that don’t understand how simple the 1st Amendment is and why, even as a Christian, one should be OK with this. I believe in God but I also understand the reason behind the amendment. If you’re upset a statue was removed for being unconstitutional, you should be rejoicing that you now have the responsibility of filling that gap. It’s the first time in my life I’ve every been ashamed to live in Oklahoma. We are known as the Bible Belt and yet, the Ten Commandments have been removed. This is ridiculous.